BobLyle Photography Part 1


This was such an eye opening experience. When you have challenges in your life you can really flourish by seeing inspiration in someone else’s story. This story is exactly why Power That Be was founded. Amazing the potential of the courage within a person is.

Bryan Bowermaster had the honor of sharing the space with Mr. Lyle and he states that it was “life changing to witness such endurance and openness.”

You don’t want to miss the next parts to this adventure. There will be 3 additional upcoming videos that will show the areas that we intend to clean up and use as Community Challenges to create awareness in the communities around the world.

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Change Your Paradigm Change Your Life



Power That Be is extremely proud to be partnered with JFC Legacy. This organization continues to expound the concept of changing paradigms and changing lifestyles.

Together we continue to push hard to emulsify the highest of highs and best of the best.

JFC Legacy is an inspiration to say least, and anything that inspires, is the Power That Be.

Be on the look out for more holistically inspiring videos from JFC Legacy.

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Tea Time with Compassion E3 Release


The adventure in one’s life can be the difference between fulfillment and dissatisfaction. In fact, studies are showing that personal satisfaction in one’s life is linked to a willingness to take risks (Warner, 2005). It has been shown that risk takers tend to have a larger sense of satisfaction than those who do not.

It could be argued that adventures are good for your health and overall well being. This goes hand in hand with other studies that have shown that thoughts and beliefs affect one’s health.

This video for Tea Time with Compassion E3 contains an amazing adventure that included Power That Be, JFC Legacy, and a few new entrepreneurs. It is certain that this trip was beneficial to all of those involved in some way or another.

Also, the principles that are included in this film are usable regardless of what direction you may be heading.

Stay tuned for an outstanding adventure coming up involving a United States Vet who is changing the negatives into positives everywhere he goes.

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Warner, J. (2005). Are Risk Takers Happier? Retrieved from:

Tea Time with Compassion E3 Preview2


The third episode of TTWC is on its way. Stay tuned!

This was such an exemplary trip that was filled with an endless amount of lessons and valuable material. Power That Be is chomping at the bit for all of you to be able to watch this adventure as it unfolded for us. The tools that will be revealed about personal success are astounding and priceless.

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Challenge #3

Bryan Bowermaster’s story about how faith brings everything that is needed to succeed, continues to change lives. “Even while being homeless,” he says, “everything was provided by doing one simple thing.”

Watch this Community Challenge to see how lives can be changed anywhere anytime by giving of one’s self.

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Tea Time with Compassion E3

The third episode of Tea Time with Compassion delineates the concept of an adventure. Adventures are meant to be enjoyed now and if one should cease hesitation, their lives could be changed forever.

Enjoy this preview of an adventure that allowed Power That Be to gather invaluable information from the exemplary speaker and leader, John Maxwell.




Challenge #2


This challenge is about giving harmony to the world and building the strength of people’s dreams. Let’s face it, when we work together projects come together with an element of synchronicity. The Community Challenge is about enticing people to bring out their best selves and show it to the world. This challenge uses rhythm as a metaphor for what happens when people’s energy comes together.

You may know you’re good, but when is the last time you shared that fact?

Are you scared? Good! Then you’re on the right track.

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BobLyle Photography

What an astonishing discovery! While working on some community projects, Power That Be was entangled with a very intelligent and interesting gentleman by the name Bob Lyle. Bob is the owner of a photography business and is actively working on several projects. “He was photographing in the local area by the Boise Train Depot at the same time I was,” says Bowermaster.

“Not only did we strike up a very interesting conversation about Lyle’s story, but a new collaboration was born.” A powerful story about the lifestyle of a Veteran and how one can use their creative side to remain strong in the face of physical and mental challenges resulting from their service, is soon to come.

Bryan states that the collaboration that has ensued due to meeting this fine fellow will be shared at a later date.

Go to this link to enjoy the fine photographic art by Boblyle Photography:


(Photo by: Boblyle Photography)

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(Photo by: Boblyle Photography)

The Community Challenge Launch


“This was an absolutely exhilarating day,” says Mr. Bowermaster. “As I was walking about this park I was totally amped to serve and help make it as beautiful as possible for all of the wonderful families to enjoy as spring emerges. I have to admit, the main pathways of this recreational paradise were extremely clean already, but I dug deep into the woods and other inconspicuous areas to find where debris and litter were left behind.”

This is just the first of many challenges to come to help walk the walk of all the talk in Power That Be’s mission. 

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